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Carnation Flower ArrangementsCarnation Flower Arrangements Carnations although not valued as much as the elegant rose or the vibrant gerbera, or the exotic lily, are great for flower arrangements. Carnation flowers keep well, in foam, and the thick green node at the base of the flower, makes it a perfect flower for unique flower arrangements such as flower paves and flower cakes. Carnation flowers do very well when tied together in tight bunch, we feature an exotic carnation topiary in featuring red carnations and another featuring the more exotic lilac and purple carnation flowers.

Maximize the Life of your Carnation Flower Arrangement: Following some basic care tips may extend the vase of your flower arrangement by upto 50%. Flower Arrangements are fresh cut flowers that come prearranged in floral foam. The FlowerFresh online florist shop has a great selection of flower arrangements created by our in house floral design team. We take great care to ensure that your floral arrangement arrives in perfect condition. Your floral arrangement usually makes a difficult journey to get to you, so it may be the case that a couple of flowers may come apart during shipment. If this is case please reinsert the flowers back into the floral foam, from where they came loose. It is also important to keep in mind, that flowers in foam (floral arrangements), get less water than flowers in a vase. So it is very important that you keep the floral foam moist at all times. This will maximize the vase life of your floral arrangement.

IMPORTANT: When flowers are in foam, they get less water than in a vase. So it is IMPERITIVE that you keep the foam moist at all times.

Carnation Flower Meanings: The Carnation symbolizes different things in different countries. In Rome it was known as "Jove's Flower", after a beloved Roman God. In Korea, young girls put carnations in their hair, believing the order of the death of the carnations determines the difficulty level and order that they will face in their life. In Portugal it is a symbol of the Portuguese Carnation Revolution that occurred in April of 1974.

Each color of a Carnation has a different meaning. Light red carnations symbolizes admiration, while dark red symbolizes a deep love. White carnations symbolize both pure love and luck. While Striped Carnations symbolize regret. Purple Carnations are said to indicate capriciousness. Green Carnations are used predominantly on St. Patrick's Day. Pink Carnations are said to be a symbol of a mother's undying love, going back to biblical times when Carnations sprang up out of the ground where the Virgin Mary's tears fell as Jesus was carrying the cross.