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Blue Hydrangea
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Blue Flowers Blue Flowers

Blue flowers are usually rare, as the pigment that produces blue is relatively scarce, so most "blue" flowers are usually purple or violet. Dark blue stands for truth and expertise and pure blue is the color of inspiration and spirituality. Blue flowers being so unusual, we carry only certain types of blue flowers that include the hydrangea, the blue iris and certain types of daisy.

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About Blue Flowers
Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean and is also the color associated with sleep, thus blue flowers tend to convey peace and tranquility. Blue is the coolest color and it provides a sense rest for both the mind and the body. Blue does not deflect the eye and blue flowers feel lighter than flowers of another color, creating an open airy effect.

The color blue is similar to purple in that blue, comes is variety of different shades, that include baby blue, navy blue, turquoise, sky blue etc. Depending on the shade of blue, different shades of blue have different meanings and symbolism. For instance while light blue is a symbol of anxiety over problems such as money and health, Turquoise blue can mean fulfillment for those with great intelligence. The Color Blue is symbolic of stability, trustworthiness and tranquility. Blue is typically the color of peace and stability. Deep blues tend to be more 'trust' based colors, while lighter blues are signs of peace, quiet, and tranquil (think 'ocean'). Blue flowers are not common in nature, but we feature a variety of different blue flower bouquets at FlowerFresh. Our blue flowers include the blue iris, blue roses and blue hydrangea. All our blue flowers will make an exotic floral gift for any occasion or recipient.

Blue Flower Meanings

  • Blue Rose Flower–
  • Blue Iris Flower – Faith, Wisdom, Valor and Promise
  • Blue Hydrangea – Earnestness, Extreme Emotion