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Birthday Flowers

April Flowers

April Birthday Flower

April Flower Daisy Daisy or Sweet Pea


April Birthstone Diamond Diamond
Pink and Purple
Blissful, Curious, Delicate, Departure, Lasting Pleasures, Playful, and Tenacious

April Birthday Flower: Daisies

The Sweet Pea, or Lathyrus odoratus or latifolius, originated from the U.K., Southern Italy, and Sicily and burst into mainstream cultivation in the 17th century.  Now they bloom all over the world, including next to present-day cave dwellings in the Armenian mountains.  

While the sweet pea symbolizes the wish for a good journey or bon voyage, it is mostly associated with blissful pleasure because of its purported aphrodisiac effect.   Sweet peas make excellent long-lasting cut flowers.  Their array of colors makes them a great choice for brides maids bouquets and flower arrangements.   They can also be used pressed in dried floral decorations.