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$50 - $65 Tropical Flowers

$50-$65 Tropical Flowers Thinking of going on a holiday but don't have the time or money? Then treat yourself with a bouquet of fresh tropical flowers that will remind you of being on a tropical island. We have a huge range of exotic and rare tropical flowers that once put in your living room, you will feel like you are in Hawaii! If you really love Hawaii, then the Anthurium, or Heart of Hawaii, is the flower for you. Send tropical flowers to a family member or friend and put a smile on their face.

Tropical Flower Bouquet Care: The care tips below will ensure you maximize the vaselife of your long lasting tropical flowers. It is important to unpack your tropical flower bouquet immediately. To restore plant cells and extend vase life, immerse entire stems in water at room temperature for 10 minutes immediately after cutting an inch from each stem. Cutting at an angle will allow maximum water absorption and make your tropical flowers easier to arrange. Tropical Flowers are heavy drinkers, so make sure you add fresh water daily. Misting tropical flowers daily and trimming the stems every couple of days will help to extend vase life of your tropical flower bouquet and keep a fresh appearance.