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$50 - $65 Flowers$50-$65 Flowers We feature all kinds of flower arrangements and flower bouquets that have been sorted by price so you can choose the flower gift that best fits your needs. We handpick our flowers from the farms that specialize in a particular flower, so you can get the best quality bloom available on the market. We are dedicated in providing our customers with the best quality flowers, direct from the source at the absolute best prices.
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Flower History: Flowers are the subject of poems and myths, and religious symbols are associated with flowers:

Iris Flower: Iris was most significant in history as the emblem of France -- Fleur-de-Lis -- established in the 11th century by the king of France. Today, it is the state flower of Tennessee and its meanings are faith, hope and wisdom. Iris Flower Meanings: faith, hope, wisdom

Sunflowers: Sunflowers turn their heads toward the sun and this how they got their common name. They originated in Central and South America. Sunflowers are not only pretty to look at but sunflower seeds are power-packed with healthy fats, protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamin E - all important to the nutritional quality of your diet. Sunflower Meanings: adoration, sunshine

Carnation Flowers: Turn of the century dandies would not leave the house without a white or red carnation in the buttonhole of their suit. With the end of this tradition and the fact that carnations are so easily cultivated and grown, the flower has lost some of its popularity. Carnation Flower Meanings: fascination, devoted Love.