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$39 - $50 Flowers$39-$50 Flowers We feature all kinds of flower arrangements and flower bouquets that have been sorted by price so you can choose the flower gift that best fits your needs. We handpick our flowers from the farms that specialize in a particular flower, so you can get the best quality bloom available on the market. We are dedicated in providing our customers with the best quality flowers, direct from the source at the absolute best prices.
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Tips for Reviving Fading Flowers:

Tip 1 – As soon as fresh flowers start to show the signs of wilting re-cut the stems, underwater if possible. Then submerge the fresh flowers in a basin or tub of cool water. Make sure the entire fresh flower bouquet is completely submerged in the water. Leave the fresh flowers between 15-30 mins to revive themselves. Once renewed place your fresh flower bouquet in a vase filled ¾ with luke warm water mixed with a packet of flower food.
Tip 2 – To revitalize a flower, dip its stem in a small amount of vodka or gin for up to five seconds then put your fresh flower bouquet back in the vase filled with water with flower food added.