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$100-$150 Roses$100-$150 Roses Roses can enjoy a vase life of 5-8 days if properly cared for. Whether you chose a rose flower arrangement, a rose flower centerpiece, a wedding rose bouquet or the ever popular romantic long stem roses, make sure that keep them hydrated with fresh water  after you have put them in a vase. By taking care of your roses and following the care instructions you can increase their vase life by up to 50%. We sort all our arrangements by price, and this section is for you extravagant romantics.
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Long Stem Roses Care Tips: The elegant appearance of the long stem rose has made it one of the most popular flower gifts. As the classic symbol for love, long stem red roses have become the preferred choice for romantic occasions. Long stem roses are special because of the meanings we associate with them. The traditional message of a bouquet of long stem roses is, "I will remember you always." Follow the basic care instructions, remove any leaves that will be under water, and recut stems by removing 1-2 inches with a sharp knife. Immediately after cutting, place roses in a clean, vase of water containing a packet of flower food. Check the flower food solution daily and make sure to keep it full, clean, and fresh. If the solution becomes cloudy, replace it entirely.